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The Cactus System

Kerry, etc
8 February
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  • teh_kerry@livejournal.com
Heyloo, and welcome to our LiveJournal. :)

It's run by me, Kerry, and my multiples. We're all people who share a body. :) The list grows all the time, and I won't bother making a list of all the vital people, because then some new ones will come around and be pissed off. (Yes, they're a stroppy group, especially you Lynn. :P)

The body is a 14-year old female, blonde highlighted hair, green eyes, tall. But none of us - even me - look like that. On the inside, I've got the same hair and eyes, but I look a couple of years older and I'm about 2 sizes slimmer. :)

We don't have a mental health issue, we are not schizophrenic, and we are not insane. We are perfectly normal, got that? :)
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